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Troon Junior Club

Troon Junior Club

View the Troon Golf website in a new tab to learn more about the Troon Junior Club Troon Junior Club logo

Our new Troon Junior Club, #TJC, will serve a number of objectives including but not limited to:

  • Player development — introduce Juniors to the game
  • Address accessibility & affordability of the game for junior golfers
  • Creates Facility Loyalty (put our hooks in them when they are young)
  • Supplemental program to complement our Family Golf efforts/programs (capturing our future customers)

We have created a website at Visit the Troon Junior Club website in a new tab at that has details related to the program, benefits, etc.

Additionally, we have started an Instagram account that will be the primary means of communication with TJC'ers (since that is how they are communicating with each other) check out @TroonJuniorClub on Instagram. #TJC

The goal would not be to make profit/revenue off the registration fee but to capture data/loyalty/grow the game. For instance, after hard costs are covered with the $35 registration fee (cap cost, bag tag, mailing/shipping, packaging, etc.) ALL net proceeds will be used to support the program, junior golf and junior player development efforts. All with a thought that if we are bringing the kids to Troon facilities — the parents will follow. If you want to "bundle" these in your Junior Camps you could do so at a $25 price point (and advertise as a $35 retail value), or sell it $35 to retain that 33% margin.

Based on feedback provided by you, our facility leaders, the golf benefits and practice benefits will be "location specific and facility centric" (Globally Present/Locally Relevant); i.e. YOU would list the junior rates YOU wish to offer, practice benefits (if applicable — if not that is fine), and hopefully at some tentative dates for at least a "quarterly clinic."

Foundational elements of the program will be:

  • Preferred Junior Rate for TJC member
  • Quarterly Complimentary Clinics at your facility with TJC members (use as "marketing events" to get them into your instructional programs, camps, etc.)
  • Complimentary Practice Facility access at select participating facilities at times allowed by each course — this is at your discretion, if you cannot accommodate this that is fine. If you can offer it up on say a Tues & Thurs pm or Sunday afternoon, cool. Let us know
  • 20% off discount on summer golf camps at participating facilities
  • Of course a cool cap, bag tag, etc.